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Inspired to take his artwork to new heights, internationally renowned artist, Whatshisname has launched his first art exhibition into space in collaboration with Castle Fine Art, the UK’s leading group of retail art galleries and space agency, Sent into Space. The interactive exhibition features the launch of a selection of new and acclaimed pieces that celebrate the breadth of the boundary pushing artist.

The out-of-this-world exhibition was launched in February/March 2023 and showcases a number of pieces from Whatshisname’s iconic portfolio, including balloon dog sculptures from his widely

celebrated ‘POPek’ collection. Newer pieces from his ‘Gone’ collection – a nostalgic series of prints, which depict shadowy figures of iconic childhood characters – are also being exhibited amongst the stars.

Although Whatshisname has already exhibited across the globe, clocking up appearances in New York, London, Miami, Hong Kong, Singapore and more, his latest exhibition in the space gallery marks a first for the artist and Castle Fine Art.

With each piece of artwork representing a different ‘room’ within the space exhibition, the first showcases the breadth of Whatshisname’s artwork, featuring five sculptures and prints from some of his most infamous art series. Moving into the second room, the exhibition features the centrepiece of the space exhibition: the golden breakdancing astronaut sculpture alongside a 360-
degree camera to capture the journey into space.

To bring the exhibition to life, the sculpture has been rigged to a launch vehicle which contains discreet electronic systems, enabling the vehicle to rotate and giving the impression that the
astronaut is breakdancing in space. With three more breakdancing sculptures to come later this year in collaboration with Castle Fine Art, those who wish to interact with the 360-sculpture can use their phones to explore the artwork here.

Completing the innovative exhibition, room three features a space-capable digital display detailing Whatshisname’s motivation behind the exhibition and more about the artist.

Commenting on the space installation, Ian Weatherby-Blythe, Group Managing Director at Castle Fine Art said:

“At Castle Fine Art it is our mission to create an environment and platform that allows artists like Whatshisname to push the boundaries of art. In all the time we have collaborated with Whatshisname he never fails to amaze us, but to be a part of his latest exhibition in space is thrilling, to say the least. The exhibition being sent out into the universe is a true representation of Whathisname’s entertaining yet moving portfolio – the perfect addition to the cosmos. “We are also very pleased to be partnering with Sent into Space on this project. Whathisname has always pushed the boundaries of art and, by partnering with Sent into Space, is able to continue to do so beyond terrestrial boundaries! This unique approach to exhibiting art transforms a visually compelling display of art in space into a high-concept work of art in its own right and we grateful to be able to be a part of that.”
Ian Weatherby-Blythe
Group Managing Director

Those hoping for a closer look at some of the pieces that are being shown in the exhibition in space
needn’t don their moonboots just yet: pieces from the latest ‘Gone…’ series are available to view and purchase online and in Castle Fine Art galleries across the country.

On the launch of his very first exhibition outside of terrestrial boundaries, artist Whatshisname said:

This is my very first solo exhibition and ironically no-one, myself included, would be able to attend as it’s happening above the surface of the earth.

It is the role of an artist to push the boundaries for creativity and combine new technology with artistic expression. I can only imagine what the space art projects of the future will look like… I hope to one day launch my work to the moon, nothing is impossible.

To view and purchase Whatshisname’s sculpture One Small Step – Golden Edition please visit www.sohoart.uk

To view and purchase the latest collection, ‘Gone…’ visit www.castlefineart.com

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