A Whatshisname’s signature POPek the squatting balloon dog stands proudly contrary to what is usual while breaking common conventions of modern design. Whilst the title of this artwork is a fusion of ‘POP’ from the pop art movement and the artist high school friend’s high school, the artistic concept behind the piece is also a fusion of unique and wonderful ideas. This artwork is filled with artist’s personality and his relaxed approach to life.

Initially, a parody of contemporary artist Jeff Koons whose work sold for nearly $60m at auction, these cheeky and rebellious hand-painted sculptures by Whatshisname adopt the behaviour of real dogs; modelled after his own pets. Consequently, the aim of this piece is to
evoke pure joy and happiness by mixing the childlike colours of party balloons with the natural yet hilariously exaggerated behaviour of dogs.

The purpose of the artwork is to stimulate inspiration, unleash creativity and evoke a sense of wonder by changing common patterns of thinking. The ordinary object turns into unexpected and unorthodox. The artwork is meant to bring joy, refresh viewer’s mind and wash off the boredom of everyday life.

At a time when the healing powers and happiness of art is as crucial as ever, including a wellbeing arts programme across major New York museums, the raw humour and joy evoked from this resin sculpture is the perfect addition to any space.

This artwork is available via Castle Fine Art Galleries.