Released the same year as the artist was born, the film ‘E.T.’ remains an intimate favourite of Whatshisname as well as a global classic. The lack of adult presence in the film made it that much more heart-warming and relatable to a young audience such as the artist and he remembers feeling deeply moved by the innocence, kindness, and friendliness of the alien and Elliot. The iconic character “stayed with me for a very long time” the artist told Castle Fine Art in  Autumn 2022. The print is a part of his renowned Gone Series with well-known and loved characters from some of our favourite sci-fi films and cartoons.

Perfectly capturing the character’s silhouette and aura whilst remaining obscured, this simple yet impactful artwork by Whatshisname reflects his aim of conveying our childhood heroes [reaching] out to us with an extended hand and saying, ‘Hello, I’m still here, do you remember me?’ or if those are fading memories, they are saying goodbye.

Prints are available via Castle Fine Art Galleries.