Jeff Balloonski Junior is a Whatshisname’s character designed as a way to express a variety of emotions through a medium of sculpture. Jeff Junior – Empowerment is a sculpture aimed to bring courage and self-confidence to the viewer. With a puffed-out chest and a stretched
hand with the thumb up, this figure is saying “You are doing well! Keep going!”.

The artist said: “ I am a visual person and like to surround myself with items that remind me of my goals and whom I want to become. In moments of doubt, I like to look at the artworks that help me believe in myself and carry on creating new art. Jeff Junior – Empowerment serves exactly that purpose. For people like me, this will be a perfect artwork. “

The artwork is a bold and bright commentary on modern life and pop culture. The multi- layered meaning behind the hoodie changes depending on the place and context. For someone living in Silicon Valley, a hoodie is a symbol of status. It says “I am too busy to go clothes
shopping, I have more important things to do”. A hoodie worn by a teenager in East London, tells a completely different story.

The colours of the Jeff Junior in the Art Above Earth project is no coincidence. It is called Jeff Junior Buzz edition and refers to Toy Story’s Buzz Lightyear character, an intergalactic space soldier.

This artwork is available in three colourways via